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A Lost part ….An Oblivion

learn to feel what other feels

SHE cherishes to converse with eyes & HE expresses the same in words,

Though they expressed “the state” cosmos times.

By then time had moved and so do they !!

But in search of what? “An Oblivion”

An oblivion once…..

  • An oblivion once then glimpsed the cosmos with “HER” eyes. Rest was the history
  • An oblivion, but their deep dive within he found HIM.

With the current chaos across the globe for job insecurity and life instability. Quote :

  • To be the BEST, learn the REST
  • This too shall pass


A Flower doesn’t think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms

A Flower doesn’t think of competing to the Flower next to it, it just blooms.. # Zero Ego /Envy helps ūüôā

By : A White seabird_Parthsarthi

” When we fail to appreciate good things others possesses and allow envy or ego to take over – We end up with hell lot of self-made problems for SELF without our knowledge “. Let’s try changing this for our betterment .

On my excursions within the villages where I had traveled for work, I had observed there were different shops in the same vicinity selling the same commodity and still, they are growing at their pace without affecting self or others because of ” SO CALLED Competition” in order to earn more/less.

Also I had interacted with few farmers ( poverty stricken) sowing the seeds on their farming grounds and I was delighted to hear the same from them ” Yeh Hamari maa hai babuji, apna samaj kar karte hai mehnat¬†“- It is OUR mother & we do farming/hard work over it considering as our own ” and Doosro ki madad kar sake to Khushi hai usme , usse Jalan karke kya fayada – It is good if I can be of help to others, why envy for them” .

We certainly need to broaden our perspective now and need to learn. This event reminds me of a ” LOTUS flower” who blooms in deep muddy algae water. He draws nutriment from the same contaminated water and turns self to exquisite flower. It has a huge reserve of latent energy in its own seed ( heart) which helps to bloom and make that muddy water also looks captivating.

Let us try to have this basic attitude towards self for not getting affected by the situation, people, environment etc. All are not blessed to get a fertile land and raising/helping hands in life and we need to learn to face the odds with contentment in heart, thankfulness towards almighty and everything around to bloom like a lotus.

My Master used to say, try doing ” a thing ” ( anything you need to improve, change, grow spiritually ) religiously for a week with 100% ” devotion and fidelity, things will mold itself and it will become a habit. Going forward it will be an effortless effort.The basis to it is truthfulness and sincerity towards self and work.

We need to develop that commitment within selves to grow to that level. I have learned this from my own life and people around i.e. nothing comes without hard work or perseverance and one needs to move with no ego and envy for others.

Be a passionate warrior-centered at heart. Compassion, tenderheartedness towards others and most important  РNULL ENVY or EGO for anyone which is essential for self-growth.

Whenever the situation is not at ease – remember you are the LOTUS and you need to rise above all odds.

Stay tuned in love for all

Still Water runs deep …

still-water-runs-deep . Love like a kid

By : A White seabird_Parthsarthi

Let me start and iterate a saying of my master ” LOVE ALL WHOM HE LOVES “, which¬†simply¬†means HE loves all and we are no exception to do the same .

Story begins down a twisty, narrow and dirt road of gigantic mountains side , it was great to witness this lake besides that ¬†.The place was ahead and above of everything what a normal BEING experience on the daily basis. Such an amazing scenery that can energize one and make u re-envision about it ….. Oh boy ! This calmness is all we need within.

Things reflected in the still water bears the striking similarity of ” WHO R WE ” with the¬†perception to self – : Everything still or drift away even in SILENCE ”

Moving further in the neighborhood there was a small village ,where we took a halt and again for the same consent of touching lives at the farthest most distance yet our own people .

My version :

” All ELEMENTS of life” plays an important roles and there is always a resemblance in the characters . Yet again my thoughts had taken shape and the belief ¬†which stood deep – seated . ¬†Compassion¬†, care and deep feeling is ingrained in the people surrounded by water and one needs an eye and heart to see and feel the same .

They have strikingly accurate intuitions for most of the things and people around them or they touch . Technologically they may be far behind people in URBAN but they are far ahead of any of us when it comes to concern for the fellow “beings” . Their generosity illuminates¬†and reflects on each being they touch and come across because they are ” true to themselves at first”. They all had an admirable character of BEING a HUMAN . Their courage to face all odds of this life and still be smiling and calm like a water . We all should nurture this and be a part of the same chain to serve humanity.

The silence and calmness at the place was not because of the space but because of the people. They have love, care,  concerns, sorrows, sadness etc Рboth extremes but they opted to be subtle and calm in both the extremes with a child in them , thankfulness , kindness and smile on their face.

With a subtle thought i want to infuse and want you to ponder over it ….¬†” Lets try conversing to¬†new born baby and an elderly person, you may understand the LIFE again “.. This will answer everything i stated above in ‘Still water runs deep ”

Stay tuned in love for all

“You were born to be Real not to be perfect “

“Fect tails the perfection to become real ” . Be real to self and accept it the way nature gives us .

By: A White seabird_Parthsarthi
“Fect tails the perfection to become real “
I don’t want any title nor I need the name,
As in the midst of the sand, there is always a rain,
Who we are the search is still on,
By the time we feel existence, Soul takes another form!
Still, we sat ruminating on the nature of the existence,
With the whispers¬†within –¬†¬†“Life is who I am “,
Contrary to what is always the real,
but backstage nature smiles and says РI am still there! I am still there!
We travel along the journey with the seasons of life,
Better be a water lily which blossoms* in the evening twilight,
It stands out, disperse and blooms the shine**,
Along with it the counsel of stars*** smiles and shines
“Fect tails the perfection to become real and is the sum of ¬†our tiny known/unknown life “
*Blossoms – Real me / Love /Care
**Shine –¬†in the¬†adverse¬†whereabouts
***Counsel of Stars – Being around us

“The Rambler_An Endless Hope” _A New Horizon_Part 1

By : A White seabird_Parthsarthi

The prudent time of one’s life is more eloquent¬†if it has a purpose to it . The very purpose “Why we are¬†born as humans and¬†not as¬†any other creatures¬†”¬†. Lets keep our thinking cap on for the righteous¬†things in life for self and for¬†others .

In perpetuation with the “The Rambler_An Endless Hope”¬†of my last blog , where I had mentioned “Embracing love and care requires you to be in moment together ” … Lets walk through together

¬† …………He whispered he loved me, and the storm in me fell silent………….

**Whisper : warmth of presence      **Loved : Gesture of the eyes  / vibrational connections                    ** Storm : The thoughts within

It was a very hot and humid¬†afternoon of April 2017¬†with souring temperature ¬†( 33-34″C ) and we marched to the¬†interiors of Kolhapur¬†. Traversed through concrete roads to follow the narrower and increasing¬†crafted gravel roads¬†where¬†i could feel the weight of the oppressive heat ¬†and we¬†finally reached¬†the beautiful village¬†for the work –¬†training the craftsman,masons ,¬†skilled operators and farmers and awareness¬†of ¬†my company products

There is only one thing better than a warm and sunny day; a room full of warm, sunny daylight! and there we were . A  small room with  30/40 BEINGS waiting for us patiently and with null perturbation with the situations around in that small room.

Positivism was pointless that movement but there was much warmth around them which could have only be felt. I was able to see a co-creation of VALUES/ LOVE within these individuals which was beyond language.

I went and sat beside¬†an elderly gentleman ( 74 year young man¬†) on the floor as¬†i was anxious to know what brought him here to attend this meeting . ¬†We got introduced (¬†he was a retired¬†skilled ¬†site¬†labour), he came so that he can learn and teach the rest who missed to make up for this meetings. He¬†shared his¬†experiences at site and insights ”¬†NOT BECAUSE HE KNOWS¬†BETTER THEN ME but because HE LOVE TO HELP¬†OTHERS¬†.

He taught me few things without speaking about them :
Being Human is not an easy task but need commitment and warmth in heart. Care and concern for everyone present there by all possible available means.
Age is not the bar to learn without monetary benefits but for pursuit of his own contentment /happiness within .
LOVE heals everything. Be that LOVE for others

We don’t need voice to realize how connected we are , it’s just by the gestures ¬†–¬†we connect the dots and remain there in the same vicinity¬†of LOVE for all .


**HE : Self        ** HIM: My Chariji ( Guru) 

Lets try to see each being the same way as if we looking HIM only .  Shock/freak your brain РIGNORE  and use  to deal with it .
We¬†don’t need a¬†generation to change the society , indeed need the eye of ¬†¬†to make it happen subtly and non consciously

Stay tuned in love for all